Cloe and Naaman

How We Met

We met playing basketball at a church summer camp in Estes Park, CO.

How They Asked

Naaman woke me up Friday morning to go on an “adventure.” We started with breakfast in the cutest little lodge in the mountains. We ate some really good pancakes.

Then, we went back to the car and he pulled out these funny looking shoes, which I soon found out were snowshoes haha. We hiked and played in the snow for hours, got soaked because we kept falling over trying to run, and built the tiniest snowman ever.

By this time I was kinda tired, but he insisted that there was another hike that had an amazing view. So we hiked up the side of the mountain and it was MAGICAL! Suddenly it began to snow and we were having so much fun!! :))

BUT THEN…..Naaman tells me there is an avalanche coming and I straight panic. He says we have to take cover in one of the cabins on the trail.

So, we walk up to a cabin and I clearly see fresh footprints going inside and proceed to explain that we will go to jail if we break in.

Naaman looks at me holds out his hand and asks “Do you trust me?” ( yes I am engaged to a real-life Aladdin)

I follow him to the back of the cabin and there inside is his brother taking pictures, his best friend, and my little sister IN UTAH!! He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. And then while I screamed yes I tackled him out of excitement HA! It truly was the BEST day of my life! :)

Special Thanks

Saiman Sadiq
 | Photographer