Clint and Nikki

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How We Met

I applied to work at a restaurant where she was one of the managers. I walked in for my interview, and she sat across from me in the booth. My brother worked there already, and had for almost a year, so she asked, “Do you suck significantly less than your brother?” I assured her that I did, so she shrugged and said, “As far as I’m concerned, you’re hired.”

Two years later, we started talking and realized we actually kind of liked each other, and finally on February 21st of 2015, I drove past her car, pulled over, on my way to the bar for my brother’s birthday. She arrived eventually, citing a burned out headlight, and that was the night I asked her to be my girlfriend.

how they asked

I was trying to find us something cool for our third year dating anniversary. Nik loves the Beatles, and loves going to concerts. She had made several allusions to how much she was itching to go to a good show, and I found a band called Liverpool: A Tribute to the Beatles playing in Kansas City, Missouri. It was only a two hour drive. I got tickets the day I saw them, and I managed to keep it a secret for weeks. So, we got a hotel for the Plaza for two nights, planning to take Saturday to check out the town, go to some bars, get a bunch of munchie food and just relax together. Unfortunately, it was rainy, cold, and windy the whole day Saturday, and to top it off Nik was sick.

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The ring was stuffed in a shoe in the trunk, where I knew she wouldn’t find it by accident, and I hadn’t fully decided whether today was the day. But our lazy inside day continued, and we binged on History channel shows and Modern Family for a few hours, ordering Chinese food that we had delivered to us. When we were getting ready, I finally told her why we were there: to see the Beatles live. She was so excited, we both got all cleaned and dressed up, and drove out to Knuckleheads.

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The show was great. The crowd was really into it, and the two of us sang, danced, and cheered the night away along with the rest of the fans. During a lull, she went to the restroom. The ring was still in the trunk, but more and more I was feeling this was the right moment. So, when she got back, I excused myself for the restroom as well, but instead, I sprinted to the car, pocketed the ring, and checked for it every 10 seconds for the next hour. She didn’t suspect a thing.

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At the end of the show some fans were taking pictures with the Beatles, so Nik and I went up to wait for a turn. She hopped on stage, and I handed my phone to a stranger, and said, “Hit the button a bunch of times, I’m about to propose.” So we have a perfect flipbook of me kneeling, her reaction, and the four Beatles all reacting to the surprise. The crowd cheered, and we got engaged on stage with the Beatles in 2018!

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