Cliff and Elizabeth

How We Met

​Some call how we met a very lucky chance. And some people simply give us confused looks. For those of us busy with life, commitments to graduate school or work, it’s called Bumble – a dating app. Yes, it’s true, we met on a dating app. The “swipe right” or “swipe left”-style app that is commonly tucked away on the phone screen because (to be honest) it’s embarrassing!

I was prodded by my graduate school roommates to join the dating app one weekend. Being the skeptic that I was, I was told to talk at minimum with one “match” that weekend – and that one match was Cliff. We matched on the dating app in early April and by the end of the week were meeting for pizza in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. The week leading up to our date, Cliff promised that if we both thought the date went well, we would agree to go for a drink after dinner. During the date we bonded over family, Columbia, and my move from California to South Carolina. We even discovered that we (literally) work across the street from one another and shared the same favorite lunch spots! But at the end of dinner, Cliff kindly walked me back to my car, said that he had a nice time and hoped to see me soon. The entire ride home I was so confused because I had had such a wonderful first date and yet we didn’t go for a drink! That same evening, however, Cliff texted and said that he couldn’t wait to go on another date soon and even apologized for not going for a drink.

Within the next week we went on three more dates. On the third date, I told Cliff how I had received an internship in Virginia at James Madison University and would be living there the entire summer. Thankfully, Cliff was the most patient Southern gentleman and said that he thought our very new relationship was worth enduring the long distance. That summer we traveled a combined 5,000 miles between Virginia and South Carolina and spent our weekends exploring the many vineyards of Charlottesville in addition to spending time in South Carolina. It was also that summer that we immediately began to discover how we could not imagine our lives without one another.

how they asked

Cliff and I had plans to visit Savannah, Georgia for our anniversary in April but in early March he suggested that we (at least) have lunch at the same pizza place we had our first date for an early celebration. He woke me up early that Saturday, made homemade acai bowls (my favorite breakfast treat that reminds me of California) and told me that he had a whole day planned.

We started off the day playing mini-golf, a favorite game of ours ever since I won the first game in Virginia against Cliff (who is an amazing golfer) and then made our way to the restaurant for lunch. It was fun to reminisce about our first date and bonus, he even bought me a drink! Afterwards, Cliff suggested that we go for a walk along the Riverwalk because it had become a favorite weekend spot that we visit quite often and mentioned that we needed to “kill time” before our next activity. Cliff led me to a new spot that overlooks the river near an old building and within moments turned to me and began to speak about our relationship. It’s true what they say about this moment being a blur because Cliff was then down on one knee asking me to marry him. I remember saying, through many, many happy tears, “Yes, of course!”, and then immediately hugging him.

I know (now) that the ring inside the box was beautiful but in that moment, it was not my priority! Cliff had to close the ring box and moments later finally succeeded in putting the engagement ring on my finger.

From inside the old building came Cliff’s brother, sister-in-law and sister who helped us to capture this perfect and special moment that I am certain we both will never forget!

Special Thanks