Clemson Marriage Proposal

The Proposal: My best friend asked me to marry him on April 27th. I said yes. It was a wonderful day. It was the best day of my life.

Image 1 of Clemson Marriage ProposalIt all began with a planned weekend trip to Greenville and Clemson. We planned to visit with Ryan’s mom and dad on Friday and then spend Saturday at our most favorite place in the world—Clemson of course! We woke up early so we could make it there and have the whole day to enjoy.

Ryan told me to pack some clothes that were “kinna nice” for dinner. So I did, along with some lake clothes and my rain jacket. We drove up to Clemson (chipwiches from The Chocolate Shoppe in hand) and first went to visit Ryan’s friend Matt! Matt let us borrow his boat to spend some time on the lake.

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We drove out to twin lakes and spent some time on Lake Hartwell. It started pouring rain on our way there, so we had to wait a little while before we could give it a go. I think once we made it in, we only drove around for about five minutes. I kept complaining on how cold it was, and Ryan, being the amazing fiancé he is, obviously didn’t want me to suffer.

He told me he made dinner reservations for the night but he wasn’t going to tell me when or what time. This was not out of the ordinary because Ryan always did things to surprise me! I had mentioned earlier wanting to walk around campus (one of our favorite things to do), and he said that he thought we would have some time to do that before our reservations.

So we got ready for dinner and drove to campus. It was a rainy day and a little chilly. But it didn’t bother us. I could tell he wasn’t happy with it though. He said “Man, I wonder if the reflection pond fountains are on.” I said, “Yeah….????” I thought to myself, ‘why in the world does that matter’ haha. Once we parked, we got out and started walking around. He was walking a little fast. But, I thought it was just because he knew I wanted to walk around and he was trying to fit that in before reservations. So, I went along with it, thinking nothing of it. We got to the top of the Carillon Gardens, a place where you look in front of you and see Clemson’s gorgeous reflection pond, amphitheater and Cooper library. I started wandering closer to Tillman to snap that ‘oh so popular’ picture of Tillman (probably because I planned to Instagram it), and after I snapped the picture, we started moving over next to the gardens again.

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We were standing hand in hand when Ryan pointed to the brick wall around the reflection pond. He asked “Do you remember that spot right down there?” I said “Of course I do. That was where you first told me you loved me.” He said “Yes, that used to be my favorite spot, but this is going to be my new favorite spot because it’s going to be where I ask you to spend the rest of your life with me.” After he said that it was all a blur because I knew he was going to propose! He said a bunch of other sweet stuff, and then he got down on one knee as asked me to marry him. I said yes!

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There were a few people who had watched the whole thing happen—they yelled out when I started hugging him because they knew I had said yes! And then I think we were both so nervous and stunned… he didn’t put the ring on my finger for a second! I told him “You have to put it on my finger!!” Once he did, I was in awe. It was the most perfect, shiniest, most beautiful ring I had ever seen. I was shaking so much. I could barely keep my hand still looking at it. I hugged him tight, and looked over to see a photographer standing back in the bushes in front of the bell.

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After some hugging and some tears of joy, Sabrina, came around to say hello. Sabrina is a photographer in Greenville and is a friend of Ronda’s. She took pictures of the whole thing happening! It was unreal. We had a mini engagement session after she introduced herself to us. Ryan had never met her before this moment either, but knew she was going to be there.

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After we bid our farewells to Sabrina and lovely Clemson we hopped back in the car. I was so eager to call everyone! Ryan then surprised me and said “we are actually going to have dinner with my parents.” I told him I really wanted to call Mom, Dad, and Will before we did that. So I called everyone!

Apparently we were a little early with timing and our “dinner reservations” so we stopped at All-In Coffee and celebrated with coconut white chocolate lattes and peanut butter cheesecake. Yes, we ate all of this right before dinner…

On the way back to his home, I was so eager to call my close friends. Ryan told me that we should just enjoy this moment right now and we could call all of them tonight after we told our parents and family. I agreed.

As we were driving back to Greenville, we passed by Mutt’s BBQ. I said “They have the best mac & cheese.” Ryan says “yeah I could really go for some Mutt’s right now.” Little did I know…

We got back to his house and walked inside. The door to his kitchen and living room was shut, it was very quiet, which I thought was kind of strange. He opened the door, and “SURPRISE!!” Everyone, everyone, everyone was there. Mom & Dad, Mimi & Paw-Paw, Lane & Karen, Susan, Kelsey, Kelly, Natalie, Kaitlin, Hanna, Lauren, Abby, Austin, Thomas, Jordan, Matt, Kaleb & Kaitlyn, Collin, Ryan’s parents, and more family friends. It was a surreal moment that I will never take for granted! The amount of blessings I feel after this day is overwhelming. We are so loved!

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After I got myself together from the tears of excitement and pure surprise, the party began! Guess what food Ronda had ordered for everyone? MUTT’S! Too funny. We all laughed, hugged, and enjoyed each other’s company. Oh, and did I mention that Sabrina was there again?! She caught all these moments on her camera.

Ryan had made this moment and evening absolutely perfect!

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Photos by Photographs by Sabrina