Clemencia and Serge

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Del Ray Beach

How They Asked

We woke up and he said let’s go to the beach, so we went to Delray Beach, Florida and we rented lounge chairs. I was taking selfies of us and then of myself. Then I sat down and he came next to me kneel on the sand and told me that he loved me so much and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He’s always so sweet and affectionate so I just thought he was just being himself.

Then he said “And I brought this ring” and then I saw him taken the beautifully wrapped box and I just hugged him and got so emotional asking what was going on, he asked me next if I wanted to see the ring and when I opened it I was in such awe because he picked such a perfect, gorgeous ring and I thought to myself. This man really knows what I like. A lady who was at the beach approached us and asked me if I just got proposed and when I said yes, he offered to take pictures of us. After that, we went for a walk and it was so sweet and romantic. Of all places, he chose the best one, because I love the ocean it’s my favorite place to be at.

Where to Propose in Del Ray Beach