Clea and Adrian

How We Met

Adrian is a computer software engineer. When he’s not working full time, he makes websites for people. He worked on my Aunty’s business website. We met at one of her shows. He knew I was a model and actress and wanted to make my website. I told him no that my mom’s (Gina Saldania) friend from Los Angeles already started one and is making it for free but was taking long. Adrian was persistent and kept insisting to do it free too so we ended up letting him do it which led to a whirlwind romance.

how they asked

Adrian originally planned a destination proposal and when he asked my mother and the whole family including my ailing grandfather for our blessing she suggested to do it on Christmas Day at home. She told him that it was my dream and wish ever since I was a little girl to be proposed to on Christmas Day and because we’re a close family and my grandfather was dying. So Adrian tricked me by switching his mum’s gift and his gift. So as I’m opening his mum’s gift, little did I know the ring was inside.

Image 1 of Clea Marie and Adrian William

Image 2 of Clea Marie and Adrian William

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