Clayton and Christy

How We Met

Clayton and I met our freshman year of college through mutual friends . Clayton was attending The Citadel and I was attending the College of Charleston. Clayton was on his first weekend of leave and hanging out with his classmates at a local pizza joint when me and my friends walked in. It was love at first sight(the military uniform might have helped just a little)! After a few interesting setbacks (His friend called “dibs” on me so Clayton ignored me the second time we hung out) we finally went on our first date where we quickly fell in love and knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together! Unfortunately, being young and under a lot of stress our freshman year(I was playing basketball for the college and he was dealing with school and trying to get selected by the Navy), ended up breaking up. Over the next couple of years Clayton and I would meet up here and there and even though we both deep down still loved each other, knew the timing was not right.
Finally, senior year, God brought us back together again. I was celebrating my birthday when I decided to text Clayton and see what he was doing that night. After meeting up, we both knew at that moment it was meant to be. He had just broken up with his girlfriend and I was in a bad relationship that I knew I had to get out of to be with him. The Old Dominion song “Break up with Him” just released and we listened to it over and over, laughing at the fact it must have been written for us. We spent every single second we could together after that!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Proposal Ideas Atlanta Botanical Gardens

how they asked

My sister Courtney, was planning an ‘early birthday’ celebration with Clayton and their friends. Clayton had tickets to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and we were all going to go tour the garden then go to dinner. Clayton had other plans of course, he knew how much I loved flowers and knew this would be the perfect place to pop the question! Clayton spent months planning for this moment (the families would argue it was eternity). He made sure to mess with me enough by pretending it wasn’t going to happen any time soon. Clayton was almost too good at pretending and it really drove me crazy, to be point of tears a couple of times haha! Courtney, and their close friend Morganne, were ready to make this day perfect. They brought cameras and made sure my hair, makeup, and nails, were picture perfect before heading out the door. this was all normal of course because I thought “it’s my birthday!”.

After touring several gardens, they found one that had a beautiful pond, and Clayton and Christy sat down to ‘take pictures’. For a moment I looked away and gave Clayton the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee. When I looked back, there he was with the ring! Clayton was so nervous he blurted out, “will you marry me?” and through happy tears, Christy of course said yes! (not without asking if he was serious of course)!