Clayton and Anna - Serenade Proposal

On March 30th, I proposed to my then girlfriend with a string quartet, flashmob choir, and an original song I wrote just for this moment. Here is the full story:

That evening, I asked Anna to have dinner with me in downtown Nashville. After we finished eating, I convinced her to walk up on the Pedestrian bridge with me since we had such beautiful weather.

When we got to the top of the bridge, Anna pointed out the group of people in the middle of the bridge. I acted as though I had no idea what was going on, but said that we should go check it out.

As we approached the group of people, we found that there was actually a beautiful string quartet playing. Anna at that time wanted to keep walking, but I kept telling her that I wanted to see what else they were going to play. Soon after, they finished playing their song and then the leader of the band informed all the bystanders, that their group was traveling around the country playing at different places and they are having a documentary done on them because of this. So this gave no reason for Anna to suspect something was about to happen.

I eventually went up with the band and grabbed the extra guitar. I turned to the band, gave them the ok, and we then all started playing. I turned around and started singing to Anna. At the beginning of the song, she was trying to figure out what song this was and why she had never heard this song before. Eventually, the bystanders (which weren’t really bystanders) joined in behind her during the 2nd chorus and started singing. At this moment, she started getting an idea of what was about to happen.

Image 1 of Clayton and Anna - Serenade Proposal

I finished the song and put my guitar down. While the quartet kept playing, I told Anna how much she meant to me, and then I proposed.

Yes, there was a lot of planning that went into making this proposal turn out as phenomenal as it did; the camera crew, the musicians, the instruments, all of my amazing friends, etc, but the best part was that she said yes.

Image 2 of Clayton and Anna - Serenade Proposal

Image 3 of Clayton and Anna - Serenade Proposal

Image 4 of Clayton and Anna - Serenade Proposal

Image 5 of Clayton and Anna - Serenade Proposal

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