How We Met

Taylor and I had a mutual friend named Topher, it was his birthday and he was having a get-together in Bryant Park. We both went and I stood out to him. He continued to ask me questions trying to get to know me and teased me for being the youngest one there. I was eighteen at the time, and he was twenty-seven. Towards the end of the night we were sitting in a circle in Bryant Park, and he asked for my contact information, right in front of another guy I had just gone on a date with the night before! Ha, when I got home I had already received a message from him asking me to dinner.11796336_936976319657707_1246790202031594311_n

how they asked

It was a complete surprise! I knew it would happen soon, but I thought it would at least be after my birthday. I secretly hoped it would happen in NY because it is such a special place for our relationship. Anyway, I was in NY on vacation and doing some early birthday celebrations with my sister Olivia and Taylor had said he couldn’t come to NY because he had to work. The night he proposed I was all dressed up under the guise of going to a fancy dinner with my sister and some of her friends. We were planning to meet them at Bryant Park (which is where Taylor and I first met). Shortly after arriving there, I get a text from Taylor saying he has a surprise for me, to make up for not being there. Out of no where I am being walked by my sister towards a limo that is waiting at the edge of the park. At this point, I’m just thinking this is a birthday present, but I’m crying because I wish Taylor was actually here and also thinking that this is maybe my engagement. So the limo proceeds to take us to this Italian restaurant on the Upper West side where Taylor and I ate on our first date. There were flowers and a long five page letter on the same table we sat at, telling me how he feels about me. The final instructions were to enjoy some yummy chocolate gelato and then to get back in the limo. At this point I am still somehow thinking that there is no way Taylor is here (because he had done TOO good of a job covering up that he was in fact here) and we headed toward our next unknown destination. Then we started driving around Columbus Circle where we had our first kiss, and the limo came to a stop and I stepped out the limo. Thinking I was maybe supposed to go toward the gelato shop where we had ended our first date, I started going in the wrong direction. But Taylor’s friend Steve, who was filming everything, was there and told me to turn around and that’s when I see Taylor standing there in the middle of the roundabout. Up until that moment I still did not believe he was actually in NY! I walked towards him through the crosswalk where he gave me a big hug, and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and I of course said YES! Then the limo took us to eat at The River Cafe, the most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever been to and which sits under the Brooklyn Bridge with an amazing view of Manhattan which was the perfect end to the perfect proposal!

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