Claudia and Stephen

How We Met: Ramona Street in East Meadow New York is where our story began. We had a mutual friend named Eric who happened to be having a party one night in May 2011.

I was totally shot as I worked two full time jobs and had zero desire to go to this party. But my friend wanted to go so I tagged along, not knowing that on this night I would meet my future husband.

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It was the usual crowd except for these few kids. I kept to the people I know just because I’m a creator of habit. But there was this guy who had on a bracelet that was supposed to help you balance (and I’m the world’s biggest klutz) so I watched as he showed my friend how to use the bracelet.

I thought man this kid is pretty hilarious (and quite personable), but I also thought of how totally exhausted I was so I left. But I couldn’t get Steve out of my head so I went and found him on Facebook and friend requested him. May 24, 2011 we began talking.

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how they asked: June 11, 2015 had to have been the most terrible day I’ve had in a while. Work was exhausting and frustrating and all I wanted to do was go to dinner with my Boyfriend. He said he already made plans so I decided I decided to go visit my little cousins since they were on my way home. My little cousin loves Steve so I called him asking if he wanted to stop by there for a few because I knew Janeen would be asking for him.

He said no and basically blew me off (I was not the happiest person in the world at this moment) so I hung out with my cousins for a bit and then left to go visit my dad. I was beyond exhausted by the time I got to my dad’s house so I didn’t stay for long. I was getting really annoyed because Steve was really being cold to me and wasn’t even answering my calls. So I hung out a bit at my dad’s and as I’m walking out the door one of my best friends texts me telling me to come over.

I was exhausted and I totally huffed and puffed saying I just wanted to go home but I thought ok she’s on the way home just go for a little. I got to her house and got COMFORTABLE like shoes off sitting Indian style hair a mess, I genuinely didn’t care. I had gone with Steve to purchase the ring but we had been (patiently) waiting for it to come back from being sized.

So Olivia, Stacy and Megan began talking about bridesmaid dresses and then Olivia asked me “How’s about that ring”. I rudely answered “your guess is as good as mine” not knowing Steve was less than 5ft away from me hiding in Olivia’s bedroom. Just as I finished my sentence I was startled as Steve jumped out from the bedroom on one knee with the ring box in his hand and he said “Yea, how about that ring.”

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There were so many things I was trying to comprehend but for some reason the biggest one was how he got there.

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He was so flustered and nervous he forgot to ask me the magical question so in between me laughing and my friends screaming and me telling him how much I hate him he asked me to marry him.

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