Claudia and Shane

How We Met

Shane and I met freshman year in biology class, when I first saw him of course my reaction was “I have to get to know him” I had him for 2 classes , as we became friends and talked almost every night on Facebook ..

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how they asked

Image 2 of Claudia and Shane
It was December 22,2014.. I let him go play basketball as usual I got upset because I was pregnant (37 weeks) and emotional, Shane normally doesn’t come back until 9-10 at night and by then I’m asleep but this particular day. As soon as he left I watched tv , I was swollen from head to toe so I decided to take a warm shower. By then it was 8 pm Shane came into the bathroom as I was still showering to let me know he was home and going to make something to eat for us. I agreed and got out 5 minutes later, I was still in my towel half wet and Shane was acting very odd . It didn’t come to mind that he was going to propose because he always said he was going to hand the ring to me and that was it , but as he held my hand going up the stairs , he was such in a rush but I kept reminding him I was pregnant and I’m slow. He didn’t even let me get dressed , he told me to stand by the bed and held my hand and told me “You know I love you right? And I want to spend the rest of my life with you and our beautiful son on the way. I can’t love without you” as I cried he hugged me and I hugged him back but once we stopped he then pulled out a white box , I looked straight into his eyes and cried even more. Remember when I said I was swollen? Well my wedding ring didn’t fit that night and we were just laughing and if you know Shane he makes fun of me a lot but in a very cute way and I can’t stay mad at him .

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