Cladia and Khalif

How We Met

We met on December 1st, 2012 at Bougainvillers, a bar in South Miami. On this great night our friends coerced us to go out, and for whatever unknown reason, we both said yes. I (Khalif) went out to celebrate my friend’s David’s (The Best-man) birthday where he had one request: to leave with the number of one woman. What can I say? We were 21 and 22.
I was reluctant to stay but he was my ride home so I played. I saw Cladia a few times that night, and though she looked amazing, I wasn’t brave enough honestly to approach her, so I settled. At the end of the night, when we all gathered, it turned out, one of our friends hadn’t completed the task. So there was no leaving yet. I decided I’d be his wingman so we can finally leave and of course the women he chose to approach were Cladia and her friend. My task was to distract Cladia while he chatted up her friend. However, once she looked up at me from her phone, I was smitten. I asked her to dance and if you know Cladia, you know what she said: “no, I don’t like this song and I don’t know you”. According to her, I was polite, so she didn’t chase me away. We’ll go with that! We ended up talking the rest of the night until my friends had to come find me to leave. I did get her number, and texted her minutes later to make sure it was real. We had our first date 5 days later at Santa’s Enchanted Forest and I knew I was in trouble for real this time just by how my heart was beating while I was next to her.

How They Asked

I love the holidays and 2018 amplified this! We were preparing to drive to NYC for my dad’s Christmas extravaganza when I noticed Khalif was more hyperactive than usual. I thought my contagious holiday spirit had finally gotten into him! However, when we arrived to NYC, as the Plantins always do, we started opening presents when the clock struck midnight. After we’ve managed to open all the presents and recreate a Michaels aisle in the living room, Khalif said I had another present under the tree. My brilliant self looked and looked everywhere, perplexed as to what could be this small.
After what seemed like an eternity (it was 5 minutes), and after countless probing, I found an ornament hanging on the tree that read: ” Cladia and Khalif are engaged”. Again, my remarkable brain having not processed what was happening stated that we were not engaged. I then turned around, and Khalif was on one knee, as I temporarily lost my hearing due to my siblings screaming and maybe me screaming as well (just a little) , and I screamed YES, right after I said : ” It was about time!”



Special Thanks

J&J Studios, LLC
 | Photography
Hunting Hill Mansion at Ridley Creek State Park
 | Engagement Session Location
Philly Hair & Makeup Co
 | Hair and Makeup
 | Ring Designer