Claudia and Kaan

Image 1 of Claudia and Kaan

How we met

Kaan and I started following each other on Twitter in 2010, which then turned to us liking each other’s photos on Instagram a few years later. While we lived in the same city the whole time, we’d never actually met one another until 2015 when Kaan finally asked me out for drinks.

From that day, my fairy-tale started.

how they asked

Kaan and I have been travelling around the world for the past 3 months. We’ve been everywhere – Vietnam, Fiji, Vanuatu, Australia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, and one of the last stops on our trip was Turkey. We were supposed to celebrate our 2 years of dating in the romantic town of Cappadocia and have breakfast watching the colourful hot air balloons fill the sky. We have both always talked about going there, so I thought nothing out of the ordinary when we decided to do it for our anniversary.

We woke up early the first day we got there to watch the hot air balloons take off at sunrise, and while we were getting ready, Kaan told me to get a bit dressed up so we could take good pictures together.

The morning was incredibly beautiful – the sunrise was breath-taking and the hot air balloons were a perfect touch. However, Kaan spent an hour fidgeting with the tripod and setting up the camera (little did I know he was doing that because he was so nervous)! At this point, I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t just take a picture with me.

As the hot air balloons started to fly above us, he finally had the camera timer set up and ran over to ‘take a picture’. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee.

Image 2 of Claudia and Kaan

My heart was racing so fast and I started tearing up. I couldn’t believe that the man of my dreams was asking me to be his forever! Everything else was a blur, but I remember him telling me “I want to be the best husband, best son-in-law, and best brother-in-law that I can be”.

What was already such a beautiful morning turned out to be the most magical day of my life!

Special Thanks

Chris and Jen Likins
 | Photography