Claudia and Josh

how they asked

Josh proposed while we were on road trip to Idaho visiting my brother and his family. We planned a day to go to Canada which was a surprise for Josh that I had planned with my sister. We started the drive to Canada and the entire way there he told me that he loved me and that this is our adventure and that we are to adventure to infinity and beyond. I didn’t think much because he’s always told me this so I replied I love you too! We kept driving and passed a beach that was called Lockhart Beach in Kootenay Bay, we stopped and looked at the view and Josh said ill be right back I’ll go get a towel from the truck. When he returned I ask for us to take a picture and we were looking to see where to pose. We walked toward the water and I looked around as I turn back to Josh I see him get down on one knee, I sank where I stood and I couldn’t believe what was happening. At that moment he asked what he’s been saying the whole way here, will you adventure to infinity and beyond with me? Of course I said yes! His surprise ended up becoming mine.

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