Claudia and Jose

How We Met

He waited… I had crashed his New Year’s Eve party in 2008 that my cousins were hosting at his home. At the time I was a sophomore in college. He is a good friend to my first cousins who never introduced us but he made it happen. He waited for me over the years to be ready. I had dated one or two frogs but yet he waited. I finally graduated college and started to make my life as a grown up. Moved to Charlotte, N.C. and began living as an adult. We bumped into each other again at my cousins engagement party in 2012 but I had brought a frog with me as my date, yet he waited. At the cousins reception, this nervous guy finally approached me at the bar and began small talk. Walked me to my table where my family was sitting. As he began to ask me the general questions of about life while my family was making silly gestures due to the fact that another interested person was sitting next to me as well. They were friends by the way…

After the wedding he would message me ever so often just to keep him on my mind, this took place over the span of a year. In 2013 I was laid off from a job for the first time in my life and having a hard time finding my place in the world. He happened to be in town (he lived 3hrs away at the time) for a concert and knew I loved that band, so he invited me to come. I was not in the mood to see people let alone spend money that I didn’t have but he insisted. I was in a very low place and he managed to lift my spirit with his positive vibe. I had a great time at the concert, caught up with some old friends that happened to be with him. Like the gentleman he is, he walked me to my car and he had the nerve to steal a kiss from me. Now, my normal reaction was to slap him but something felt right and I went in for another. We began dating right after. We dated for 3 yrs before we took a major trip visiting my sister in Europe.

how they asked

I was so excited for the trip I never thought he would propose so far away from my family. He planned everything perfectly! He had asked for my hand from my parents weeks ahead when I was away for a weekend with friends. Little did I know he had planned to pop the question at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I know he is deathly scared of heights and he almost fainted on the way up, he later told me he changed his mind when he saw how high up we were. Once we got back down to the bottom level and we walked in the garden area of the tower and caught up with my sister and her kids. Right before the proposal my nephew had some money stolen by a local vendor who literally ran away with his change. As we finished yelling at the vendor trying to get over our anger he walked me over to the front of the tower to “take pictures” . He gave my niece the camera to take pictures but she was actually filming.

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He got down on his knee and bam! He proposed. I was so surprised and overwhelmed with emotion when he asked me the most important question of my life, will you spend your life with me? Of course! Looking back and writing this piece of our lives, I can say he definitely waited, waited 8yrs to be with me. con amor, Claudia y Jose.

Special Thanks

"Little Lisa"
 | Helped the fiance pick out a ring