Claudia and Guy

Claudia and Guy's Engagement in The proposal took place at my apartment

How We Met

Guy and I met in the Emergency Department. Neither of us were patients thank God! He was working and I was a volunteer. We were not looking for anyone, we were simply doing our job, but when things are meant to be they sure are ! I was the 1st one to speak to him and from there on we got along. I would help him alot when it came to taking care of the patients and I also learned alot from him. On my last day of volunteering he asked for my phone number. That day we started texting. Ever since then we haven’t stopped speaking and it’s been 4 years.

How They Asked

My birthday is the 23rd of December and he always takes me out to dinner a day before my birthday to celebrate. He did that and we went to a beautiful outdoor restaurant. Looked very romantic. At some point I felt he was acting weird, like if he was thinking about something. But he told him he was ok. The following day was Christmas Eve, he was acting a little weird too, once again he told me he was fine enjoying that day with my family. Then came Christmas day , the 25th, I was getting ready to head over his parents house.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The proposal took place at my apartment

He would pick me up at 11,but he texted me at 10:15 saying he was heading out but not to rush because he will first put gas on his truck. By 10:45 he was here. I was ready to go but my mom told me to wait for my dad to tell him bye and Guy told me to sit next to him. I was calm and did not find anything suspicious. Once my dad came out and I had my parents and brother out in the living room, Guy grabbed my hand as I was sitting down and told me there is a present he needs to give me. Shaking and nervous as he was he took the box out of his pocket and got down on one knee and said “would you marry me ?” looking straight into my eyes. I was in complete shock and I said YES! To say there was so many tears that day from both families would be an understatement.