Claudia and Edward

How We Met

4 years ago, i was a helpless 20 yr old sitting on the edge of my bunk bed (I shared with my 18 yr old sister) winging about how I hated all men and they were all the same blah blah. I was sad and needed cheering up so I started searching hashtags that were funny/lame..#swag, it lead me to a profile with funny videos that two guys had made together. I watched all of them and took a fancy to one of these guys. So, I followed him, he didn’t follow me back for a month or so. I remember commenting on one of his photos where he was wearing a bird jumper I loved and now own, “Love this jumper (Pigeon emoji).” He commented back. We exchanged numbers, texted for 6 months, spoke about people we were seeing but I was falling for him and he was falling for me.

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But Me Living in Melbourne and him in Sydney, oh and not to mention two Italian parents that wouldn’t let me go to the shops by myself. I thought, this will never work. One day my friend said “We are going to Sydney and you are meeting this boy.” So, I did and it was perfect. He was perfect. I fell in Love with him. We met in the City and he took me for lunch, we walked, we held hands, it was like we already knew each other inside out. He Walked me back to Central Station and Kissed me goodbye. We started doing Distance, he would visit Melbourne, i would visit Sydney. 4 Months Later i was pregnant, a surprise in the form of a little Lady named Liliana, and another 2 years later little francesco popped out. We have cried, Argued, Laughed, struggled but mostly grown in love.

how they asked

7 weeks ago he took me away for our first weekend off in 3 years. we arrived at the Mystery hotel he hadn’t told me about. After check in, he walked me up the corridor. Before we entered the room he said “close your eyes” He walked me through the door, out to the balcony and said open your eyes, in front of me was the most beautiful vineyard, before I could take in the view he was already on one knee. He said “Will you spend forever with me?” “yess”

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