Claudia and Aldo

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How We Met

Aldo and I have known each other since we were 14 years old. I went to an all girl school, while Aldo attended a boys school which were next door to each other. Throughout high school we were really good friends nothing more than that but we were always there for each other through our ups and downs. It wasn’t only until we graduated from high school in 2011, he invited me to his formal party as I did the same and invited him to my school formal as my partner. After Aldo’s formal party finished, we took a cab home and unexpectedly he asked me to be his girlfriend. And the rest was history..

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how they asked

It was our first time overseas together to Japan and we went with my family which made this trip even more special. I’ve travelled to Japan before but it was the first for Aldo and my family. So I knew exactly where to show them around and where to eat! While we were there for 10 days, we stayed in different cities and did some day trips in between. We really wanted to go to Hakone since I didn’t get the chance to go there before and we always imagined ourselves getting an awesome shot under the red shrine! Throughout the trip, Aldo had his camera and GoPro with him as he enjoys filming and creating videos.

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Little did I know he had this all perfectly planned out with my parents and sister for months without me knowing! Once we took turns taking photos, Aldo wanted to get a selfie video shot with the three of us including my sister. When we were done, my sister said let’s have a look at it again and make sure we get a good shot before we leave the shrine. In the mean time, I was thinking to myself there’s some people who are waiting to take photos so we need to hurry! But while watching the replay, I said to my sister this isn’t the right one it’s the wrong video since it was just grass. But as I watched the video, Aldo had his knee down and I turned around bursting into tears! It was the most perfect proposal ever and never did I imagine Aldo would ask me to marry him in one of my favourite places in the world.

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Our Video