Taylor and Clark

How We Met

We met three and a half years ago. I was a few months into grad school and we met through mutual friends/roommates, my roommate was dating his roommate (the matchmakers). It was the day after his birthday actually and we were all partying watching football and playing pong where he called dibs on me being his partner and the rest is history. We had so much fun and just kept hanging out from then on. Whoever knew love could stem from pong… we found love in a hopeless place.

how they asked

Clark went to Yosemite on a brother’s trip two years ago and always raved about how beautiful it was. I was in the middle of grad school clinicals and was envious, living vicariously through his amazing pictures from his trip.

Taylor and Clark's Engagement in Yosemite

This last Christmas he surprised me with tickets for us to go back to Yosemite with his brothers this year and one of his brother’s girlfriends. On our third day in Yosemite, we all decided to do a more strenuous hike on the Mist Trail to the top of two waterfalls at 6000 ft elevation. It was a great and exhilarating hike. When we got to the top I quickly ran across the bridge to look down on the other side of the waterfall. Clark stayed on the other side with his brother’s and motioned for me to come back as we were going to have lunch we packed. When I reached them his older brother was taking a few pictures of Clark with the beautiful mountain scene in the background. Being the picture loving girl that I am, I scurried in to catch a few couple’s pictures. After the final click of the camera I started to walk away from the edge of the mountain when clark grabbed my arm and said, “alright one more.” And I turned where he was down on one knee.

Proposal Ideas Yosemite

I was shocked and my knees gave out and I landed down on the rock on my bum staring up at the love of my life asking me to marry him. All I could do was smile, grab his face and kiss him. I somehow got the word “Yes” out and kissed him some more. Needless to say, I could not eat after with all the butterflies filling my stomach and I floated down the mountain, turning around every few steps to give my new fiancé a big giddy smile.

Special Thanks

Chad Cooper (future brother-in-law!) |