Clarise and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I met on the dating app, Bumble. Brian was the first person I matched with on the app and I probably would have waited a bit longer before initiating the conversation, but he used his one 24 hour extension immediately after we matched so I decided to talk to him right away. Brian’s profile read: I’ve been told I’m a mix between Ben Stiller and Schmidt (from New Girl). My profile read: I’m only on here because Stephen Colbert is already taken. We met for drinks less than a week later and we’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

On Friday, I came home to find our song playing, our apartment decorated, and our bags packed. Brian then gave me a letter that explained we were going on an adventure and I had 20 minutes until it was time to leave for the weekend. We then drove to New Haven, the town where Brian and I met and first began dating. When we arrived at my great-aunt’s house my first big surprise was that my grandmother had flown across the country. The month before, my grandmother had told me she could no longer travel so I never expected she would be at my engagement.

Before bed, Brian gave me a second letter that explained I would be staying with my family that night, but he would pick me up the next day, at noon, and I would find the perfect outfit in my luggage.

On Saturday, Brian showed up in a suit and gave me letter #3. The rest of the day consisted of more letters with clues leading to the bench we sat on for our 2nd date, our favorite food trucks, the apartments we lived in, our favorite ice cream parlor, our favorite restaurant, and more. At each stop, we had to do a challenge, try a food, or recreate a memory. After 11 clues, we made it to our last stop, a candy shop.

On our first date, Brian and I went on a walk and commented on a “cheesy” couple that was canoodling while peering into the candy shop window. Almost exactly 3 years later, we were in the same spot and this time WE were the “cheesy” couple. Brian gave me the last letter, which was his written proposal (he was tearing up too much to speak). I could barely read the letter through my tears and I couldn’t wait to say yes. But I didn’t, not yet. Because I had a surprise of my own.

Where to Propose in New Haven, CT

For 8 months, I had been writing Brian one letter each month where I proposed to him and listed the reasons why I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

So, when the proposal finally came and it was time for me to answer Brian’s big question, I surprised Brian by REVERSE PROPOSING and reading excerpts from all the letters I had written.

In the end, we both got to propose and we both said YES!

After the proposal, we spent a beautiful evening with all of our family and friends playing games, eating delicious food, and enjoying each other’s company.

During our engagement celebration, BRIAN HAD ANOTHER SURPRISE. He had made a video recording all the preparation leading up to the proposal and I was able to see all my family and friends react to the news that Brian planned to propose.

It was the perfect weekend and we can’t wait to get to plan our next grand gesture (our wedding) together.

Our Video