Clarianne and Brian | Fairmont Banff Springs Proposal

How We Met: Brian and I met in high school in Ontario. We had law class together in grade 11 and it was a coincidence that our seats were arranged in alphabetical order. Brian sat behind me the entire semester, and I looked forward to seeing him every day in class. After high school, we kept in touch and we became really good friends. We would always check up on each other and go for our ‘weekly’ coffee dates. During one of our coffee dates, Brian broke the news that he had been offered an amazing opportunity to work for a company in Alberta… which meant that he had to move away. I was completely devastated. It was at that point that we both confessed our mutual feelings for each other. Brian moved away and we started our relationship doing long distance. A year after, long distance was just not enough so I decided to pack up all my belongings and move to be with the love of my life. Who knew that I would end up with my best friend 10 years later!

Here is us at prom and us now:150451_4759126149975_1200812096_n

how they asked: Brian and I had never been to the Rocky Mountains before so during the summer last year, he planned a weekend trip away to Banff, Alberta.  Little did I know, he had secretly planned to propose to me during this trip. Brian contacted Sharon from Naturally Chic to help him arrange not only a romantic proposal, but also a complete romantic “proposal weekend” as he called it. The weekend would start off with the proposal and then culminate in a number of activities including dinner at the Rimrock Resort, a visit to Lake Louise and the Columbia Icefields.

Sharon and Brian worked out a plan for weekend. Brian convinced me that it would be fun to go for a short hike on our arrival into Banff, while we awaited check-in time at our hotel. He specifically told me to bring a change of clothes for lunch after the hike. We did the Hoodoos Trail, which was suppose to end at “surprise corner” where you will find a beautiful view of the historic Fairmont Banff Springs.

As we approached the river at the end of our hike, we came around a corner and Brian (on purpose) was distracting me from seeing the picnic table that was set up for our proposal. As we neared the table, a sign with my name (“Clarianne”) pointed to the beautiful picnic set up just off the pathway on a small sandy beach by a large fallen tree.



And without hesitation, Brian held my hand and my heart started racing. It was such a surreal moment. He dropped down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.


After saying “yes” we enjoyed our picnic where a beautiful table was set up complete with china, silverware, champagne, chocolates. Brian enlisted the help of Tara Whittaker Photography to help capture our proposal and take some engagement pictures right after (it was then that I realized what the “extra change” of clothes were for).


After the picnic lunch, we were met by a chauffeur from Highland Executive Chauffeur, who would take them to various locations around Banff. Tara Whittaker Photography followed along to take our impromptu “engagement” photos.


Photography: Tara Whittaker Photography
Proposal Coordinator: Sharon Auld 
Ring: James Allen