Clare and Matthew

Where to Propose in Tahlequah Oklahoma, at my (Clare) parents house

How We Met

Me and Matt met at a Christian organization called CCF, Campus Christian Fellowship, on Northeastern State University’s campus. At the time he was in his last year of college, and I was heading off to do an internship at a camp called Falls Creek! We got to know each other, then started dating within the next few months! We had a long distance relationship for around 9 months, which was difficult, but God brought so many wonderful things from it! We got to know each other in different ways, and experience the Lord together through many adventures. I came home in August of the following year to go back to school, and me and Matt grew even closer, seeing as how we now live in the same town! We got to be involved in our church together, and in CCF together sharing the name of the Lord! Instead of talking on the phone for hours we could now talk in person for hours, laughing and being able to be near each other was something that we have always been able to cherish because of the time we spent apart!

how they asked

On the day of, he told me he would be at my parents house for Sunday dinner, so I sould just go there after church! When I drove up to the house the easels lined the drive way with red rose petals lining the middle of the driveway, both our families standing to the side, with a large picture of Matt standing in a suit with a tiny box in his hands. Each of the 14 pictures was a precious moment in our relationship. Six of the pictures had little notes talking about how God has brought us through so much. When I reached the end of the photos, and was walking towards the standing picture of Matt, it slowly moved out of the way, and there he was, my best friend, down on one knee. And the rest is history.

Clare's Proposal in Tahlequah Oklahoma, at my (Clare) parents house

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