Clare and Lee

how they asked: As told by Lee: When I decided to propose to Clare in 2013 (my partner of ten years and mother of my two children!) I knew it had to be absolutely out of this world, creative and every bit as romantic as she deserved. I had the ideas that I wanted and the level that I wanted to take it but I found it impossible to put together myself and keep it a hidden secret… so I enlisted the help of the amazing proposal planners The Proposers!

Image 2 of Clare and Lee

So when I took her to London for the day she simply expected walks around the city and tourist attractions. When we went to the iconic Tower Bridge to check out their newly opened glass walkway she suspected nothing when I pretended I needed the toilet and left her to enter alone.

Image 3 of Clare and Lee

Which is when Clare found the place to be completely empty except for just the six canvases, I had created together with The Proposers, which were covered in photos, quotes and memories of our relationship with hand written messages from me. One had pictures of us as kids, another memories of our first date.

Image 4 of Clare and Lee

Image 5 of Clare and Lee

When Clare reached the end of the walkway (and she was already in tears!!) to top if off the final surprise was a group of amazing West End singers serenading her with one of our all time favourite songs…’All of Me’ by John Legend.

Which was the moment I finally reappeared with a single red rose and got down on one knee to a sobbing Clare…and of course she said YES!

Image 1 of Clare and Lee

Clare means the world to me. We have two children and have been together for ten years. She always puts all of us first and I wanted a day that was just about her to show her just how much she is loved. After so much planning and keeping the secret for so long, it was breathtaking to see it all come together!

And especially to be the first person to propose on the new glass walkway and get the answer I wanted is something that will stay with me forever.Our video shows everything happen!!!

Proposal Planner: The Proposers