Clare and Harrison

How We Met

We met in 2017 through my friend Jenna. Harrison had just moved to Jacksonville after college and Jenna and Harrison went to college together. When she heard he was moving here she wanted everyone to meet him! Little did she know what that would lead to. We met at a local bar and talked for what felt like forever and the rest is history!

How They Asked

My best friend Emily is getting married at TPC Sawgrass in November and she asked if Harrison and I would be interested in going to meet with the wedding coordinator to “test the lighting” for her cocktail hour and then grab dinner afterwards. Little did I know we wouldn’t be testing lighting at all. The morning of December 28th we went to try on bridesmaid dresses for Emily’s wedding. Having a great time at a wedding the night before I decided to go home and take a nap after. Around 2:30, Harrison woke me up asking if I wanted to shower before we went. I said no because I had already showered that morning and I would just freshen up. Boy, do I wish I would have showered!!!!!!!

Proposal Ideas Ponte Vedra Beach, FL @ TPC Sawgrass

As we were in the car driving to TPC Sawgrass I mentioned that we weren’t going to get a good idea of lighting because it was raining. Emily, of course, responded with “It’s okay we will still ride around and look at good spots for pictures”. I still had no idea. We pull up to TPC and meet with Brian, the Golf Pro. Keep in mind it is pouring rain at this point. He takes us on the golf cart and as we approach the 18 green Harrison suggests we go to the top of the hill and look at the grandstands. Of course I said “no its raining we’ve seen them before”. He eventually convinces me to get out. (I STILL DIDN’T KNOW!) As we were walking up Harrison grabbed my shoulder and said “Clare”. I immediately started crying. I couldn’t tell you what he said but he eventually got down on one knee and proposed. I heard a cheer in the background, but assumed it was people eating dinner outside. Nope, It was both of our families standing outside watching the entire moment unfold. I never thought I was so unobservant until this day! He even asked our good friend, Sarah, to photograph the entire moment. After taking pictures, more close friends and family were waiting at my parents house to celebrate. Everything was absolutely perfect and we can’t wait to celebrate on April 10, 2021!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL @ TPC Sawgrass

Special Thanks

Sarah Eddy
 | Photographer