Clare and Andrew

how we met

We met online on a dating app (OkCupid) and after messaging back and forth a bit, we took this to the next level, a coffee date at Coffee Bean.

how they asked

We went down to my favorite beach, allegedly to celebrate my last class of law school. He parked almost as far away as you could from the actual beach. I had a hunch he was going to propose, because he was pretty determined to get me to this particular beach (even though we passed other things on the way) and was walking pretty fast. Anyway, we got down to the beach and since it was a chilly April evening, the beach was relatively quiet. There were a few other people, and we kept strolling until we reached a more secluded corner. He stopped walking and I had a feeling he was going to propose. He told me how much I meant to him, got down on one knee, pulled out a shell (with a purple ribbon – my favorite color), opened it, held out my ring, and asked me to marry him.

Special Thanks

UCR Botanical Gardens
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