Clare and Aaron

Image 1 of Clare and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron and I grew up less than a mile from each other and went to elementary, middle, and high school together. We never spoke a word to each other in those years, we even had mutual friends. In 2019, we matched on Bumble and Aaron asked me on a date. I had to cancel the date the day of because I was asked to babysit my niece. Aaron eventually asked me out again and ever since then we have been together.

How They Asked

Aaron and I were going to my sisters house (which is also the house I grew up in) for a Father’s Day get together. We walked outside and I saw my family and pictures of Aaron & I around the pool. It still didn’t completely click in my head what was happening until I saw Aaron’s family in the backyard. Aaron had to basically drag me to the pool because I was shaking so bad because of my nerves. Aaron asked me to marry him, and we spent the rest of the afternoon celebrating with our families. It was the most perfect day.

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