Clara and Lindsey

Clara's Proposal in My parent's new home in Asheville, NC

How We Met

My fiancé is a professional baseball player in the Seattle Mariners’ farm system and I am a Physician assistant in the Emergency room in Orlando, FL. How we met is a funny story. We went to rival high schools in Orlando and completely different colleges but during my Christmas break of my first year of grad school our paths crossed. I always knew who Lindsey was from hearing his name around town and through my best friend who went to high school with him, whom I’ve known since I was 8 years old, Jacqueline. Lindsey was the tall, cute, and really good baseball player. Lindsey and I have actually been Facebook friends longer than we’ve physically known one another, which is ironic. Funny story, I distinctly remember Facebook stalking him while I was in college, I even know where I was when I first saw his profile, I was at the FSU campus Starbucks thinking “what a stud!”. Lindsey’s best friend (who also went to high school with Jacqueline), Daniel, went to college with me at FSU and we met at freshman orientation. Daniel and I were friends in college and by friends I mean, I thought he was cute and he liked copying off my homework haha. After college Daniel and I ran into each other, after not seeing each other for a few years, at the Clemson/FSU football game in Tallahassee. After that run in we would occasionally text and catch up. A few months later, I was home from school for the Christmas holiday so my best friend Jacqueline and I went out in Winter Park FL for some drinks. Daniel caught wind (thanks to snapchat) that we were out and Daniel wanted to meet up with us and he brought Lindsey along (kicking and screaming) as his wingman so he didn’t have to go solo. Foreshadowing… his kicking and screaming would end up paying off! All night long Lindsey would come up to Daniel and I and say “haaaave you met Daniel?” (any How I Met Your Mother fans out there?). Little did Lindsey know I was sort of interested in meeting him. Can anyone blame me? He was this really cute, super tall, baseball player after all. The night went on and Lindsey and I ended up talking at Daniel’s lake house until the sun came up. Long story short I fell for the wingman and the rest is history. We met December 2013, officially started dating January 2014, 4 baseball seasons later, 4 years of part time long distance, and we are excited to say we are finally tying the knot October 2018!

how they asked

Since Lindsey plays baseball we go through 7 months long distance during the season. So when the offseason comes around we have to do all of the fun things we wish we could do during the baseball season crammed into a few short months. So this offseason we had planned a trip to Asheville NC with my parents to see their new house. They’re currently building a home on the French Broad River and we had yet to see their property. It was our second day in Asheville when we all piled into our car to drive to their new home. They bought a piece of land situated perfectly in a stunning community called Olivette. We drove up and parked, and as we got out of the car we were instantly hit with cool crisp air and the sound of a flowing river. We went and toured the model home and walked the community. My parents had been raving about their property for a while now and they had been telling me about this really pretty rock garden that is located along the river. My Dad was pretty adamant about all of us going on a walk to the rock garden so he could show us. So we started walking from their house, along the beautiful flowing French Broad River, surrounded by orange fall leaves, and we reached this gorgeous zen rock garden. My Dad told me it’s a maze and that we have to start walking from the beginning and it’ll lead us to the center where a little bench was to sit and watch the river flow. I started walking this rock maze and Lindsey was trailing behind me. The entire time he kept asking me how I liked it here and wanted to know if I was happy here. I was responding quickly like, “yes of course I like it here”, “It’s beautiful here, do you like it?” “What’s not to like here?” I hadn’t quite picked up that Lindsey was trying to make me reflect on this wonderful day and how blessed we were to be spending it with my family on a piece of land that would soon become a home to us, a place where we would make memories, a place where our future kids would grow up. As we reached the center of the rock maze I did a little victory dance and flexed my muscles to my Dad for I had finished the maze with good time and I saw him pull his phone out and start documenting this moment. Next thing I knew Lindsey had stepped in front of me and started telling me the sweetest things. He told me how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and build a family together. Through my tears I recognized that he was on ONE KNEE! I squealed OH MY GOSH as he pulled out a ring box and I said YES! I love this man with all of my heart. He is the guy who told me he loved me before he even asked to date me, he is the one who has never stopped fighting for me and our relationship, and the only person on this entire earth that I want to spend the rest of my life with!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My parent's new home in Asheville, NC

A few days after the proposal we all drove to Banner Elk, NC to visit my Aunt and Uncle’s bed and breakfast, The Mast Farm Inn. We set a wedding date right then and there for October 13, 2018.

Thank you for listening and reading our story!