Clara and David

How We Met

David and I have found the question “how did you meet?” surprisingly difficult to answer. This is because we grew up in the same area and church community. This makes it hard to pinpoint exactly when we first met. Whenever asked this we tend to say that we have always known of each other but grew close when we attended the same youth group in high school. Although, the other day my mother informed me that the official first time we met was at after school pick-up. I was five months and he was three years old. We were with our mothers as we waited for our older siblings to get out of school for the day. They recognized each other from church and struck up a conversation.

While growing close in youth group and spending time together through various activities outside of it, David fell for me. After high school, I went off to volunteer and see the world while experiencing new cultures. He stayed one of the few constants in my life while I was away. We met up every time I visited the United States in between adventures. We would pick up right where we left off. It felt like no time had passed since we last saw each other. Four years and two rejections later, his persistence in his pursuit of me, strong faith in God, and gentle nature finally won me over.

How They Asked

I had recently moved down to Colombia for three months to spend my summer working and volunteering. Before I left, we agreed that he would come down and visit me for the last week of my trip in August. Then we would fly back to the United States together. A few weeks and dozens of video calls later, he decided to quit both his jobs and join me for the last seven weeks of my trip. I was excited to share my Colombian experience with him. I had so many activities planned for when he arrived. We were going to work together on different volunteer projects, learn to salsa dance like pros, and make many new friends while experiencing a whole different culture together.

Unfortunately, our time was cut short. On the morning of his fifth day in Colombia, I had an accident. I asked him to go and cut up some fruit while I hung the washing to dry. There was a pole outside the window designated to hang clothes on. It was a little bit of a reach, but I had hung clothes there before and managed just fine. This time I was hanging my blanket. It was too heavy and pulled me down with the pole. I ended up falling headfirst out the window, through someone’s roof, and into a family’s bathroom (thank goodness no one was using it.. that would have been even more of a shock).

David heard the crash but originally thought nothing of it because I didn’t scream. He originally thought that it was just the blanket and pole falling on the roof below. Anyways, with all the energy I could muster I called his name, begging him to find me and take the pain away. Two emergency rooms later, we returned to the home-stay that night with only a broken arm, concussion, and a few scratches and bruises. Once we found out that I needed surgery to fix my break, we decided to return to the United States to be with our families and get it done where we felt most comfortable. We booked a return flight home two days later.

These last two days were a whirlwind. I couldn’t sleep well and ended up spending the first full day in bed. On our last day, I desperately wanted to show him a little more of Colombia. He did not want me to push myself (I am known for this). So we compromised on going out for a few hours in the evening. We went to a beautiful rooftop bar to sample some local beers and then off to a local restaurant to eat a traditional Colombian dinner (Bandeja paisa) for our last meal. Upon our arrival back at the home-stay, we took some pictures with our Colombian family and then I wanted to turn in for the night. David told me that he had a question before I went to bed. This is when he got down on one knee and asked me to make him the happiest man in the world and marry him. I said yes and we kissed to seal the deal. Now, a month later, we are happily engaged and busily preparing for our upcoming wedding.

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Special Thanks

Gary Pope
 | Photographer