Clara and Alex

how we met

We met on the first day of college in 2010 — we were on the same orientation backpacking trip. We started spending time together immediately and started dating a few months later.

We’re best friends! We can have fun together whatever it is we’re doing, from skiing to long road trips to late nights working at the dinner table (Alex is in law school, Clara is a teacher). We’re honest with each other and trust and respect the other’s advice, and are willing to hold each other accountable. Our relationship is unique in that we’ve lived in different places for a lot of our relationship — we’re living two hours apart now, which feels easy compared to the times we’ve been in different countries! We’ve supported each other in pursuing our respective goals and really learned to cherish our time together.

how they asked

We went went for a swim in the lake near Clara’s family’s house. When we got out, the temperature had dropped, and Clara threw on her towel and started running off the dock. Alex caught her and got down on one knee.

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