Clancy and Jesse

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cable Beach, Broome

How We Met

Jesse and I met on Tinder back in 2014 as young 18-year-old’s. We spoke for a few weeks on the phone and face time prior to meeting up as we lived a few hours from one another. Every night we talked for hours on hours until one of us ended up asleep on the phone.

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It was a dark and stormy day in May and the day had finally arrived for Jesse and I to meet. We met halfway and decided on a simple first date; movies and coffee! When Jesse and I finally met in person it was like a scene out of a movie. With us both grinning like Cheshire cats, I ran into his arms, he kissed me and spun me around; LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I was never one to believe in love at first sight but here I was with the man of my dreams.

From here we have never looked back. 5 1/2 years together we have traveled the world, built a home and started a family with our Groodle named Archer.

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Clancy's Proposal in Cable Beach, Broome

How They Asked

Jesse and I had been planning a holiday with our friends to Broome when he got the idea this was the place to propose to me!

We had landed in Broome on a Thursday afternoon and Friday was the BIG DAY. On Friday I had noticed Jesse not being himself and was slightly out of it but I shrugged it off as he trying to get into holiday mode. In the morning he mentioned that we were going to go have drinks at sunset and then we would have dinner with our friends, I still had no idea what so ever. Throughout the day I could tell he was distracted and it was mid-afternoon when we were swimming I wanted to get my hair wet and he just seemed worried and said “No, don’t do that”, that’s when I thought things were getting strange like why does he care if I wet my hair…this is when I started to get slightly suspicious but in my head I was thinking don’t think about a proposal because if it doesn’t happen you will be so upset.

I got my glam on just in case and off we went to watch the sunset on Cable Beach. Jesse and I were walking along the beach then up ahead I spotted a beautiful picnic on the beach and I made a comment saying how cute that was and Jesse said “that’s for us” and at that moment I knew it was happening.

Proposal Ideas Cable Beach, Broome

We sat down, he pulled out drinks and a platter. All of a sudden there was a bunch of seagulls flying around us and my severe phobia of birds kicked in and I began freaking out even more! After the birds left and my meltdown was over, Jesse began asking me questions like “what has been the favorite part of our relationship” and I can’t remember much from that moment but I mentioned our little family, the home we have built and all our adventures. We sat and chatted for about 20 minutes, watching the beautiful sunset.

Out of nowhere, Jesse said, “okay stand up with me” my heart started beating so so fast! We stood up, he held my hands and in between the tears, he began telling me how much he loved me and that he has loved me from the moment he laid eyes on me. Then the moment happened he dropped down on one knee and asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and marry him, of course, I said YES!

He then said look over there and pointed to a photographer, he had arranged a photographer to capture the special moment (I’m glad he listened to me dropping that hint over the years), there were people above us who were watching the sunset and saw our proposal, they were cheering and clapping. Such a surreal moment! From there all our friends came down onto the beach, it was so nice to be able to celebrate with them. We then managed to get some couple and group photos for us to treasure forever!

Now I know what people mean when you get in your own love bubble! That night was a blur of pure love and happiness. After we got engaged we called and face timed all our family and other friends to share the big news.