Claire and Stefan

How We Met

I met Stefan oddly enough through my mom. She needed some medical equipment and he was the supplier!! Little did we know that there was also mutual friends involved as well! I remember getting a text from a girlfriend asking what my plans were for my birthday that was a few days away. I said just movies and night in and that she could come with! She said she would come and ask if it would be okay to bring her boyfriend and another friend who said that he met me once and thought I was pretty! Little did I know it was the same guy who was the medical supplier for my mom. We hung out and texted one another nonstop for a few days! He asked me out about a week after my birthday and a few days after that he asked me to be “his girl”. Of course, I said yes! We have been together 2 years going on 3!

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how they asked

Months before our 2 anniversary we were in two different towns because he decided to go back to college which I was so happy for him but sad because he wasn’t gonna be in the same city as me instead 3 hours away.

I agreed closer to our anniversary that I would come to visit him! I got there on Friday, Sept 22, and we were about to go out when he turns around on one knee and says “I know our families aren’t here and it’s not all big romantic thing but I wanna spend the rest of my life with you babe, Will you marry me?” I don’t even remember saying yes to be honest because all I remember is hugging him and he slipping the ring on my finger!!

We have now been together over 3 years, gotten a puppy, and have less than a year until we say “I do”!! Plus be in the same city together again after 2 years of not being in the same city!