Claire and Robert

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How We Met

Robert and I met on Tinder (no shame) and we talked for a few weeks via text before deciding to meet up in person. We met for lunch on a Friday at a sushi place in town. He got there first and I remember walking in, seeing him for the first time, and just thinking to myself “Wow! He is seriously so freaking cute!” He pulled my chair out for me and had already ordered me a Diet Coke (he knew, from our texting conversations, that this was my favorite beverage). I was immediately enamored with his good hair and southern accent. We had so much in common, our love for college football, our families, and our dreams for our futures. When it came time to order, Robert asked for the “Marry Me” roll (foreshaddowing!!!). He assured me to not think he was “weird” and that it truly was his favorite roll at this restaurant!

We ended up shutting down the place, and the manager came over to us to inform us that they would be closing to transition from lunch to dinner. Robert suggested we walk down the street a bit to get a drink. We walked down the street to a local bar and continued our wonderful conversation. There was never an awkward moment or silence. I remember thinking, “This is the easiest, most natural, first date I have ever been on.”

After a few drinks, it was clear neither of us were ready to go home just yet (though it had been over 6 hours since the start of the date). I suggested a restaurant a few blocks away and we decided to grab some dinner. We sat down to a delicious dinner and the wonderful conversation continued. Robert was everything I was looking for, and I knew in that moment, I knew I was going to marry him. The one word I would use to describe our first date was “natural”. It didn’t seem like a first date to me, it was like we had already been dating for a long time.

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how they asked

Robert is an avid golfer, so it is only fitting that our proposal would take place at a golf club. One of our favorite places to go to is Fredericksburg, Texas, only about 90 minutes west of Austin. There are adorable little shops, wineries, and the hill country views are stunning. Robert suggested that we treat ourselves to a nice dinner at Boot Ranch, a golf club just outside of Fredericksburg and I agreed. He was very quiet during throughout dinner, which is odd for Robert who is usually very talkative, and he kept getting up and going to the bathroom, so I just thought he was feeling ill.

After dinner he suggested we go out to the patio and watch the sunset by the fire. While sitting on one of the benches, he turned to me and started saying a bunch of sweet things (which I wish I could remember) and next thing I knew he was down on one knee and asked me to be his forever and I said “yes”!

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Our waitress was hiding in a bush near by with a camera and then brought some champagne for us. Robert then told me he had a room reserved at one of the cabins for us and he had packed a bag for me. It was an evening I will never forget!

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