Claire and Oscar

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How We Met

Once upon a time in a newsroom not too far away, this love story begins. In 2012, Oscar, who was a news photographer at the time, was excited to greet the new Assignment Editor, Claire, that will be gracing the halls at KEYT for years to come. One look into her beautiful eyes and he knew his heart belonged to her forever. When Claire began her shifts, she always found herself visiting the edit room where she knew Oscar would be. During those visits to the edit room, Claire noticed Oscar’s amazing editing skills and sweet smile. Sharing a fond respect for close friend John Palminteri, an avid NASCAR fan, Oscar was told about a fantastic deal at the Outback Steakhouse…a FREE Bloomin’ Onion whenever NASCAR driver Ryan Newman came in the top 10. This served as the perfect background for Oscar and Claire’s first date. One day, Oscar decided he would ask Claire to join him and a “group of co-workers” at Outback for a free Bloomin’ Onion and dinner. Unbeknown to Claire at the time, there were no other co-workers joining the outing. And thus, a conversation and later, romance, began to bloom with a Bloomin’ Onion as the witness. Over the next several months, Oscar and Claire went out on several dates up and down the coast, from the lavender farm in Los Olivos, to car shows in Solvang, and wine festivals in Santa Barbara. On a summer night, Oscar took Claire to the Old Mission Santa Barbara’s Rose Garden where he somehow mustered the guts to ask Claire to be his girlfriend. What a relief when she said YES!

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The courtship would last several years, through thick and thin, working as a team to deliver the news to the residents of the Central Coast, and to get through the unpredictability of life. 2016 marked the first time Oscar had traveled to the east coast, and it wasn’t just any trip. Although Oscar had met Claire’s family during their trips to Santa Barbara, March 2016 marked the first time Oscar would travel together with Claire to her mother’s home in New Hampshire. Oscar’s love for Claire was so enormous that he knew there could never be another woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. On his second trip to New Hampshire, over the Thanksgiving holiday, Oscar asked Claire’s mother Vickie and her step-father, Claude, for their blessing and Claire’s hand in marriage. They said yes! Tears were shed but smiles were also part of the moment. Over Christmas weekend, Oscar asked Claire’s father Alan for his blessing, to which which he happily said yes. On Saturday, January 7, 2017, with a little help from Disney, Princess Ariel (Claire’s a huge Little Mermaid fan), and a silver platter with the words “Will You Marry Me?” written in chocolate sauce next to a Tiffany’s ring box, Oscar got down on one knee at Ariel’s Grotto, and proposed to Claire. The magical moment was only made more memorable by the fact that Claire said YES! as Princess Ariel, and a mesmerized audience composed of other restaurant guests, applauded the moment with glee and admiration. While the next chapter in their lives has yet to be written, here’s to a love story that will live happily ever after. This is from one of our first dates in 2012.

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how they asked

Hello! So happy to share this story with you! My boyfriend, now fiance, Oscar wanted to go to Disneyland for his birthday weekend. His birthday is January 8th, so we were going to celebrate his birthday on the 7th. Totally normal to me. He mentioned he wanted to book lunch reservations at Ariel’s Grotto in Disney California Adventure Park. I said, OK Oscar if you want to have lunch with the princesses for your birthday….that’s cool with me, lol. The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie anyway so that restaurant is super fun for me. So we arrived at the hotel, checked into the room and went on to the park. Disney changed their security process since we last visited. While I was being checked by security, I didn’t know the struggle Oscar was going through.

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Oscar told me all this after the proposal :) He had the ring box in his jacket pocket and the metal detector wand was being waived over his jacket. The alarm went off and Oscar quickly told the guard what he had in his pocket. Fortunately I was still behind him getting checked. He told the guard to reach into his pocket to verify the ring box. Lucky, they trusted him, smiled and let him pass. We got into the park and had some time to kill before lunch reservations. We went to the wine tasting area of the park. Sampled some great wines. Then we went over to the restaurant and sat down. Oscar excused himself to use the restroom. Little did I know he went to check in with the restaurant manager to verify their plans they had been working on for months! He gave the manager his cell phone so she could record the proposal.

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We had an amazing lunch of steak and salmon. When dessert came, that is when our lives changed forever! I saw our waitress coming to our table with a tray of dessert treats. Totally normal, but then I saw a small Tiffany blue box with white ribbon! I thought wow we are not just here for Oscar’s birthday! Oscar grabbed the box, started unwrapping it and saying sweet words to me at the same time. As this is happening a Disney Photo Pass Cast Member is snapping photographs and the restaurant manager is taking video with Oscar’s cell phone. Oscar gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him!

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Babies can be heard crying in the background of the video, so much commotion going on but I feel like Oscar and I are the only ones in the room. This is our special moment. I said yes! I was so happy to see the ring we picked out together a few months ago and to commit to do life together. The whole restaurant was clapping and many came to our table congratulate us. This was a perfect proposal. Then we called our families and posted our news to social media.

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