This Guy Proposed with the Help of a Piglet

Image 1 of Claire and Nick De

How we met – claire

Nick and I first met in 2009, when I was a high school senior and Nick was a freshman at JMU. My best friend (and now maid of honor!) Kamila, and I had both been accepted to JMU and drove down to visit our mutual friend Ben, who attended the university. What would you know, Nick was Ben’s roommate! Though there was a mutual attraction, it wasn’t until almost a full year later in February of 2010, when Nick messaged me on Facebook to ask for my phone number (thanks Mark Zuckerberg). We went on our first date to Subway, and we have been together ever since.

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Image 3 of Claire and Nick De

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how they asked – nick

I invited Claire to Meridian Hill Park in Northwest DC for a dinner picnic for two, but when Claire arrived there was a third dinner guest: Hopscotch the piglet! (We mistakenly called her “Butterscotch” the whole time, which we still maintain is a better piglet name.) Piglets have been Claire’s favorite animal since she was a little girl, so she was elated to play with and nuzzle her.

Image 5 of Claire and Nick De

I cryptically told Claire that the piglet had a very cute name and that Claire should check her tag to see what it was … her tag read “WILL YOU MARRY ME, CLAIRE?” Before Claire could look up, I presented the ring and SHE SAID YES!

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Image 7 of Claire and Nick De

For the final surprise of the night, our good friends Cam and Kam planned a blowout engagement party with 60 of our closest friends who greeted them from the Johnny Pistola’s balcony chanting “SHE SAID YES! – SHE SAID YES! …”

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