Claire and Mike

Image 1 of Claire and Mike

How We Met

We first started talking on Bumble but only got a couple messages in before I (accidentally!) ghosted Mike. Luckily a month later, the algorithms prevailed and we matched again on Hinge. I didn’t realize we had previously talked until Mike brought it up weeks later. We met up for the first time at an old school bar/restaurant in old town Arvada for a beer and wings.

How They Asked

Mike suggested we try out winter hiking which is something new for us – we ski and hike and camp all the time but this was our first time hiking in ice and snow. I thought it would be fun to pack a blanket and camp stove so we could make hot chocolate at the lake, I had no idea I was helping to plan my own proposal! We had a beautiful day hiking with our dog (Indy) and when we got to the frozen lake, Mike pretended to be posing me and Indy for pictures. He adjusted where Indy was standing and all of a sudden, he was on one knee pulling out the box. As soon as I realized what was happening, I broke down in tears completely. It was the most beautiful moment in the most beautiful spot!

Image 2 of Claire and Mike

Image 3 of Claire and Mike

Image 4 of Claire and Mike