Claire and Josh

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How We Met

By pure chance. I was taking my annual trip from Minnesota to Omaha, Nebraska with my college friends for the College World Series. We were enjoying the day’s festivities when I saw Claire out of the corner of my eye. I approached her and used the not cheesy at all line of “Excuse me, Sweetheart?”

We began talking, and to no surprise she had many other suitors trying to steal her attention. For some reason, I’ll never know why, she began saying “Sorry guys, I’m engaged to this guy” pointing at me. So for the rest of the evening I was her fiancé. It even went to the point of acting out fake proposal, which was caught on camera and used years later at our engagement. At the end of our incredible night, we exchanged phone numbers and said our goodbyes.

I woke up the next morning and one of my friends asked me about the girl I had spent the whole night with. I immediately said, “I think I’m going to marry that girl.” Unfortunately, I had to drive back to Minnesota the next day, and Claire back Lincoln, Nebraska. Luckily our relationship deepened since that first night (call it love at first sight??), as we could not stop texting each other, calling each other, and eventually visiting each other.

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how they asked

The story of the engagement started way before the actual proposal. Obviously I had to pick out a ring, and eventually trick her dad into golfing with me to nervously ask for his permission to marry his daughter. I also planned a day at a nearby winery for the proposal, at the place I first met her family.

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I told Claire I was busy golfing in the morning when I was really at the winery, setting up pictures of us (including a proposal picture from the day we met), flowers, and a customized wedding themed Game of Thrones poster with our faces on our favorite characters.

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Afterwards, I picked up Claire for our date night. She thought we were going to get drinks and then see the local production of an outdoor musical. We soon pulled up to the winery, and I told her we were there for music and a glass of wine before the show. Unfortunately, the live music at the winery had not started yet (which was part of my master plan), so we decided to take a walk to kill some time. We made our way through the trees and garden on the path that led to a stone table with the pictures, flowers, and poster I had made.

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The only thing I really remember after that point is getting on one knee, and saying how happy I was that God put us in the same spot on that one night in Omaha, and then asking her to marry me. The final surprise of our engagement was revealed when we went back to the tasting room for a celebratory drink.

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Her whole family was happily waiting for us to return from our walk to greet us for the first time as an official engaged couple!

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