Claire and Jacob

Image 1 of Claire and Jacob

Jacob and I went to high school together for 4 years walking by each other in the hallways. We never had a class together, never spoke to each other, and didn’t have mutual friends. One day, 2 years after graduating, a message popped up on my Facebook and it was from Jacob asking for info about the gym I used to work at. The conversation quickly took off and he asked me out on a date! We started dating just 4 days later on 12.13.14. 8 months later on a Saturday morning my future sister in law knocked on my door and took me on a scavenger hunt to memorable places that Jacob and I have experienced. We ended up at the huge steel cross of my old church(I switched over to his church) and he sang “I’ll Be” to me! I said YES!! And by the way he never ended up going to that gym…

Image 2 of Claire and Jacob

Image 3 of Claire and Jacob