Claire and Farad

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How We Met

Farad and I met through the app, Coffee Meets Bagel in October of 2019. I had a list in my mind of what I wanted my next partner to have. It was on a whim that I downloaded that app because I had not had any success on others and was getting fed up. We talked for a few weeks and then planned to get sushi. A few days before I ended up being free on a Saturday night and asked him to get drinks last minute! We met up at a bar and I barely paid attention to him. I am a huge people watcher and there were so many weird things going on at the bar. He felt ignored for most of the night – Oops! Little did he know that he checked off every box I had on my list. It was pouring rain when we left and he told me he’d drive me to my car. He pulled up in a pick-up truck (one of the bonus things on my list), and I was thinking to myself “wow, this is crazy.” He texted me later that night and we started spending more time together. We planned a weekend in Niagara Falls and that’s where he asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been inseparable ever since!

How They Asked

I always told him that I would want my mom to be there when he proposed. Little did I know that my mom and he came up with the plan together! He told my mom that I would always know he was going to do it if we were going somewhere special, so it had to be done at her house. So, he told me he was going to help his brother move furniture in their house. Meanwhile, he was at my mom’s clearing out her family room and had hired someone to set up the perfect proposal. I was always going to my mom’s for dinner that night so I thought I was just seeing her and some family friends. I arrived and opened the front door.

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I could see the family room a bit from there and saw the couch that was normally there wasn’t, instead there was some white thing with lights. I knew right away what was happening and burst into tears. I quickly took off my fuzzy socks because I was wearing sweatpants and so unprepared! I walked down the hallway and onto the red carpet (sobbing the whole way).

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He was on his knee waiting for me and said, “From the moment I met you I knew I wanted to marry you. Will you marry me?” I obviously said yes quickly! Then he told me to turn around because all of our closest friends and family were watching on Zoom. I went upstairs afterward so I could put on something nicer for pictures. He planned out every little thing and my heart was so happy. It was beautiful. Later he told me he had more planned to say but got so nervous haha too sweet!!

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Special Thanks

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