Claire and Andy

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How We Met

Andy and I met online three years ago, when we were both moving to eastern Washington to start our first “grown-up” jobs. We spent about a month talking before I actually moved, and had our first date the same day I settled into my new apartment! Right away we had a connection, and we spent hours talking before agreeing to see each other two days later. The following morning, he texted me and said that even though we had made plans for tomorrow, he would love to see me again that night. We had our first three dates in three days, and we’ve been together ever since!

how they asked

Andy has always been so sweet and romantic, but he also loves to mess with people. In February, he told me that he was going to actually put the date of the proposal on our shared calendar, along with about 30 decoy dates between March and October. If a date was marked on the calendar, I had to make sure I was ready in case it happened to be the real one. He took me on fun outings and fun dates for months, just to make sure to keep me on my toes! On Friday, he told me that we would be spending the weekend camping and hiking outside of Goldendale, WA- a place we had camped before. We went to a local observatory that night for an astronomy show before we camped. On Saturday, he wanted to go hiking at Multnomah Falls in Oregon. He really wanted to be there by 11, which I thought was interesting, but I was guessed it was because he had made plans for lunch or something. The plan was to hike up to the top of the waterfall. We started up, stopping to enjoy some of the most beautiful spots. About 10 minutes in, he told me that the rain was getting to be too much on his glasses and he wanted to go back to the car for his hat. We started walking back down towards the cars, and as we crossed the bridge he stopped in the middle to look at the falls. He hugged me and pulled me to face him, and that was when I noticed the box in his hand. He got on one knee, said some really beautiful things that I will never remember as well as I wish I did, and asked me to marry him! As I said yes, he swept me into the biggest hug. But before he could even give me the ring, my sister, my mom, and my two best friends ran out to the middle of the bridge. Turns out, Andy had been organizing this with them for months- they had flown in from California to surprise me, and they had even cleared off the bridge for his proposal while my dad took pictures from below. Next, Andy told me that we were not in fact going to be camping that night- another friend had been about an hour behind us, taken down our camp, and would be bringing us nice clothes. He had rented a huge house for all of us to stay in, and we had the most wonderful engagement barbecue. Plus, he even proposed over Mothers’ Day weekend, so we had the chance to celebrate that too! It was always going to be so special when he proposed, but having the chance to share it with my family and friends made the whole experience so perfect. I’m one lucky girl to have found such a thoughtful and caring partner!

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