Clair and Clinton

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How We Met

January 11, 2011 was the first Tuesday of my second semester as a freshman at ECU I walked into a class called, “The Water Planet”. I didn’t really need to take this particular class however, my bestfriend at the time had heard it was easy… and so we took it. I remember walking into class that day and this guy in the back of the class had caught my attention (I guess this is where the term eye candy comes from) and there were two seats in front of him so I grabbed Sam and told her that’s where we should sit. She noticed what I had noticed and agreed with no objections, even though we both had boyfriends at the time. Well, in this class we went over the syllabus and of course we had to have a group project in this class. The rule was 4 to a group and one group with 5. I was determined this guy was going to speak to me or be in my group so I did one of the boldest moves I think I have ever done and just asked him to be in my group! He said yes and I didn’t even know what to do with myself. We spent a lot of time “studying” with our group which ended up being that we all came to my dorm and ate pizza… Our project was about Water on Mars and it was awful but we all had fun getting to know each other!

how they asked

How Clinton asked was beyond anything I could have dreamt. It started with the fact that I sleep during the day because I am a night shift nurse. He knew how important it was to ask my aunt and uncle for my hand in marriage. They were the ones that raised me after I turned 13 and I want some things to be traditional. He came up the Saturday before he proposed to ask them while I was asleep! The 25th we had plans to celebrate our 2nd anniversary early because I will be going to Ecuador for a mission trip with his church. He woke me up early on Saturday, we packed up the car and drove to the OBX. We planned to go to two lighthouses that day because it’s our “anniversary” thing. After climbing a lighthouse and traveling to the next we went to the Elizabethan Gardens and walked for about an hour. We went to downtown Manteo after this and tried some wine and peanuts and then shopped around. It was time to head to our dinner reservations at The Colington Cafe! All the workers there were super friendly. We had the perfect table in the corner and not too many people around us, it was literally perfect! Well, the table behind us had looked at the desserts (they bring them out and tell you what’s what because they don’t do dessert menus there) and by the sounds of it Clint and I had already decided what we wanted. After we ate Clint had to use the restroom so I sat there awkwardly in my corner (we are both slightly awkward people but in a fun way!). He came back and our waitress brought out a dessert menu for us to look at and I tried to tell her that we already knew what we wanted but she just walked away! So I push the dessert menu to Clint and he pushed it back telling me to look at it so I kid you not I give him such a dirty look it’s terrible! But I mean I already knew what I wanted.. But to please him I open it up and look at it and notice on the left side is a picture. I notice a couple more and realize it’s us! We are on the pictures and he had written out a sweet little paragraph and I already start tearing up because he’s so sweet. THEN he stands up and I still don’t get it until he walks to me and gets down on one knee. Holy moley my dreams have come true. I don’t remember much of what he said but it was something about the water planet, my whole name, and will you marry me. Of course I said yes and this sneaky guy got it all caught on camera! It was hands down the best night of my life thus far. & kudos to the staff for being in on it!

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