CJ and Tom

How We Met

My fiance and I technically met at a wake. It was literally love at first sight as we continuously made eye contact across a crowded room for over an hour. Being respectful of the situation we were in, neither of us made a move to introduce ourselves to one another. We were already friends on Instagram due to the fact that we had many mutual friends and have heard about each other multiple times before. It was a week after the wake that Tommy slid into my DM’s and the rest was history! The conversations were SO easy especially because we are both HUGE New York Ranger fans. And come on, for our third date he brought me to a Rangers playoff game; nothing could beat that!

CJ's Proposal in Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York

how they asked

This year, 2017, Valentine’s Day fell on a Tuesday, which for me is the worst day of the week. On Tuesday’s not only do I have work all day as a teacher, but I then have parent meetings and have to rush straight to graduate school until 10 at night. So safe to say we did not have a chance to celebrate our second Valentine’s Day together. We are both from Long Island, but have moved up to Westchester together to be closer to our jobs, so the weekend after Valentine’s Day, which was February 18, 2017, we were going back home to Long Island to celebrate Tommy’s mom’s birthday. He dropped me off at my house on Long Island so I can see my family and he went to his house to see his. When I got inside my house I got a text from him that said, “Check your bag for a folded white paper!” The note stated that we were going to celebrate Valentine’s Day and I was to go get my nails done with my mom, which was nothing out of the usual because I ALWAYS get my nails done every time I go home and he pays for them a lot, and to then go to the mall to get a new outfit.

This was also not out of the usual either because Tommy always does cute little gestures like this for me. Fast forward to 3 o’clock where Tommy appeared at my house in a Mercedes Sprinter, which was supposed to be a limo he had booked but turned into a long but funny mix-up which we won’t get into. Within 25 minutes we arrived at the Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York, and my face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. I have always wanted to visit the Oheka Castle and have dinner there so I was SO excited. Tommy made sure we arrived early for our reservations so we could walk around the property.

After exploring throughout the inside, we went outside to the gazebo to see the castle from afar and that is where he popped the question! I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life. For someone who figures everything out, literally I think I was an FBI agent in my past life, Tommy was able to completely surprise me! After dinner, since it was his mom’s birthday, we agreed that we would go to the Post Office Cafe in Babylon, New York, to meet his family for a drink. When we walked in I looked up and to my surprise, rather than just seeing Tommy’s family there, I also saw all my close family and friends. Of course the tears started all over again, especially seeing all my family that are from out of state that came just to celebrate with us. I could not have asked for anything better!

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