Cintya and Bryan

How We Met

Our love story began with a bumble swipe to the right. We decided to meet up at an art museum for our first state. I remember seeing him from afar and felt so nervous! It was windy and the air kept brushing my hair onto my face while approaching him. He greeted me and little did I know that this man was going to be the person I would say “yes” to. He seemed quiet and I just wanted to break him out of his shell. Later on, I found out he had come from a broken relationship where it was difficult to trust. However, he mentioned that everything was different when we first met. We decided to hang out all day till 2 in the morning that same day. Since our first date, Bryan and I have not stopped talking or texting (even when he annoys me) haha!

How They Asked

Bryan asked for my hand at the Malibu hills. He proposed at the top of a Malibu hill after a helicopter ride. I would have never imagined a proposal like the one Bryan planned for me. I felt as if the proposal was from right off the bachelor.