Cindy and Lasse

How We Met

On Facebook actually. We had both joined the Facebook group for our local suburb, and one day we ended up commenting on the same thread. He looked so handsome!

I stalked him and found out we had worked for the same company – almost at the same time – and had 5 mutual friends. So I figured he was ok and took a chance and sent him a private message with a witty comment related to the thread. We texted for a few days and then talked on the phone for an hour. He was leaving for a two week vacation in Mexico the next day so we took the chance and I rode along with him downtown to do some errands. We had spent 15 minutes together and yet he had the nerve to kiss me when we said goodbye! He told me later that he wanted to know if there was something there to look forward to coming home from Mexico.

While he was in Mexico we talked a little on Skype and sent 4500 messages on Facebook. It was a little tricky due to the 12 hour time difference between Denmark and Cancun. But he woke early and I went to bed late :)

The day after he came home we had our first real date and only a few days have gone by since without seeing each other.

A month later his 7-year old daughter came downstairs and gave me a note… <3

It was a note asking if I wanted to be his girlfriend. There were 3 options…”yes”, “no” and “maybe”…I told him it was a mistake to leave other options than “yes” in it ;)

Image 1 of Cindy and Lasse

A year later me and my son moved in with him and his daughter :)

how they asked

We were spending New Years at his best friends house. We were a small group of his closest friends and their children and his own daughter. In Denmark the queen adresses the nation on national television at six o’clock. We were watching the speech when his daugther came up to me and gave me a cardboard-box. I looked at it and told her it was from Mario Brothers and then just put it down.

Image 2 of Cindy and Lasse

He nudge me to take a closer look and when I opened it I asked him if he was joking with me. I looked down on the content of the box and when I looked up again…he was down on one knee before me asking me to merry him <3

Image 3 of Cindy and Lasse