Cindy and Frank

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sunriver, Oregon

How We Met

Frank and I have always been a part of each other’s lives, tracing back to elementary school. College was when we went our separate ways. Frank went to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene while I pursued my Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. We reconnected during our last year in college with the help of Snapchat. The rest was history.

how they asked

Leading up to the proposal, I had a gut feeling that Frank would be proposing around our three year anniversary, and funny enough, he did! We scheduled our annual Sunriver trip with three other couples on the weekend before our anniversary and they were all in on it! This year, there was actually a lot of snow where we were staying. I had no idea what day it would happen, but he chose to propose on our first day at Sunriver. The ladies and I decided to go to the grocery store around 5 pm to pick up extra items that we needed for the weekend before our dinner reservation at 7 pm that first night.

As we were finishing with the hard liquor section, we approached the ice cream and wine aisle where I asked Paula whether we needed to go down that aisle as well since we didn’t need anything from it. She replied with “we should go down all the aisles.” Those weren’t her exact words, but that’s how I interpreted her response. And THAT was the moment I realized that the ladies were stalling because the Paula I knew would never want to just go check out all of the aisles.

Meanwhile, at the house, as soon as we had left, all four boys sprinted from the family room upstairs to the backyard downstairs to start setting up for the proposal. Frank didn’t really know how long we would be gone for so the guys went to gather all of the items quickly which included: the roses, mason jars, candles, a lighter, and most importantly the engagement ring. He started freaking out because coordinating with the snow was alot more difficult than he had imagined. After we finished shopping, the ladies had implied that they were hungry and wanted to check out the hot food items. They ended up buying two dried up chicken strips that we split amongst each other. As we sat patiently at the table and ate the chicken strips, I was mentally preparing myself for what’s about to happen and my legs were shaking profusley underneath the table, all the while I was trying to act normal and composed. I did not want to draw any attention to myself and let the ladies know, that I KNOW whats about to happen.

During the car ride, I was wondering where he would propose, how he would propose, and if my makeup were okay? Which are all VERY important questions to ask oneself. As we approached the house, the garage doors were open and as we got out, I noticed the ladies were walking slowly behind me and having me lead the way. The house was a split-level home, and the majority of the rooms, including the laundry room, were on the first floor, while the master bedroom, living room, and kitchen were on the second floor. I was so anxious when I was walking through the garage and into the laundry room. It was then that I heard, “Careless Whisper” by George Michael playing all throughout the house (which is one of my favorite songs). I initially thought he was going to be upstairs in the living room waiting for me, so I was in the middle of taking off my shoes and was only able to remove one before Bianca very quickly said, “oh, maybe you should go to the bedroom door to the right.”

I walked through the bedroom and through another door which led out to the backyard, whilst carrying one of my shoes and shuffling to get it back on my left foot (how embarrassing). In the backyard, I immediately saw a pathway lined with single-stemmed, red roses, lit candles in mason jars, and at the end, Frank, standing in a little carved circle in the snow. Imagine me, trying to graciously walk toward him in a few feet of snow that had been iced over and trying so hard not to trip. Needless to say, there were definitely some water works on both of our ends as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.