Cindy and Eric

how we met

We met officially on a trip to Pismo beach in 2016. Cindy tagged along with her close friend from college and Eric was there with the same group of friends.We did attend the same college but never officially met back then.

how they asked

The proposal happened in Cebu, Philippines in February 2019. It was a little after sunset and we were strolling on the beach with our friends, a married couple, taking pictures in front of the ocean before he popped the question. The same couple who was with us the entire trip pretended to be obsessive picture takers the entire time we were with them, leading up to this moment – in reality they were just trying to plant the seed.- Fun(ny) fact: Eric was missing a front tooth when he proposed. Backstory: He just finished a root canal procedure and installed a crown in place of his front tooth not too long before the trip. His tooth was feeling wiggly during our friend’s wedding (which never happens with root canals) and eventually it fell off. Cindy’s friends were freaking out when they found out and Cindy didn’t understand why it was such a big deal.Eric started planning out the proposal in November 2018, reaching out to Cindy’s friends as he was ring shopping. Before leaving on the trip, he reached out to Cindy’s sisters + asked for permission from her dad in person. He was surprised that her friends and family were able to keep it a secret from Cindy for so long.

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