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How We Met: We were both servers at a British-inspired Pub in 2011.  He was hired after me, and we were both in relationships, but something about him sparked my interest.  Maybe it was his contagious smile, bright blue eyes, his sense of humor, or simply because he wasn’t afraid to be himself.  Ironically, his mom actually figured out about my crush before he did.  Once we were both single, I attempted to subtly make moves.  During work, I would compliment, joke around, flirt, and tease Matt.  His family came into the Pub often, so I made sure to say “hello” whenever I saw them.  After being friends for about a month, we started casually hanging out outside of work.  Despite our desperate attempt at just staying friends, we failed miserably and started to date exclusively.

how they asked: On December 29, 2012 Matt took me on a date in Downtown Cincinnati.  We have been together for a year, and we maintained a long distance relationship for six months.  I was working a seasonal job on Mackinac Island in Michigan while Matt began graduate school in Auburn Alabama. We were reunited in November when I moved to Auburn to start the next chapter in our lives. We were back in our hometown outside of Cincinnati for the holidays to visit friends and family. Arriving at the ice rink at 1:30 seemed a little early for a “date,” but I didn’t ask questions. I took my time getting ready as usual, so I wasn’t tipped off when Matt was tapping his toes. Apparently, we were on a schedule. He had arranged for our families and friends to crash our date. Every few minutes, he would respond to text messages because “his mom was having computer problems.” We started skating, and I was concerned about falling, so I didn’t notice our loved ones hiding in the crowd.  “How are you not falling?” I asked Matt after almost taking a nasty spill.  Just then, Matt stumbled and landed on one knee. My instinct was to catch him, but instead he popped the question.  In the roaring crowd were the people I love most and strangers. I’m fairly certain I said, “Are you serious?!” before crying “yes!” It was perfect.

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