Cierra and Cory

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How We Met

Cory and I met through a dating app called Clover. We were both on the app for 2 days when we came across each other. We have tried to figure out who reached out to who first, but still don’t know. After chatting for two weeks we decided it was time for an in person date. Our first date was at Russo’s Pizzeria and we spent hours sitting next to each other in a booth and enjoying conversations. The photo is a couple of months into dating and our first New Years together!

How They Asked

It was Thanksgiving Day and we hosted for the first time. I was extremely nervous trying to make sure everything was perfect. My family was there and his mom and stepdad were there. It was a perfect day. Everyone loved the food and we were all hanging out watching football. At some point, he spoke with my parents, which I was completely unaware of. He then told me, “Hey babe, show my mom the orbs in our pictures.” I was like, Okay! So I start showing her these pictures that are hanging by the front door and then he says, “Hey babe.” So I turn around and he is down on one knee and asking me to be his forever. I am pretty sure my first response was, “Are you shitting me right now?” Followed by a, “Yes, of course!!” It was the perfect moment and I was completely excited about how it all happened!

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Cory Combs
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