Cierra and Charleston

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hillstone Wintergarden in Orlando, FL

I knew within the first month of meeting Cierra that she would be my future wife. It was something very enchanting about her that I absolutely loved. When my 10 year homecoming at FAMU came, I took a secret trip to St. Louis to ask her family for their blessings instead. The weekend of the proposal I pretended to leave town and stayed with my friends to get things in order. I knew she loved Musiq Soulchild and always wanted a poem about her so I combined both into the proposal. While I was out of town two of her friends flew from Texas and Missouri for the weekend. When I was “on my way back” I told Cierra I had found a helicopter tour we could all take to show her friends Orlando. We then drove to the Jones Brothers Seaplane dock instead where our pilot flew us around Orlando and landed us in the lake behind her favorite restaurant.

Once we reached the shore I escorted her into the garden where many of our family and friends surprised her even further. I recited my poem, got down on one knee, and asked for her hand in marriage. The love of my life said yes. :)

Cierra's Proposal in Hillstone Wintergarden in Orlando, FL


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