Ciera and Oliver

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How We Met

During the Christmas break of my Junior year of college I was going through the process of applying for internships abroad. I hadn’t decided between Greece and Australia and I had been going back and forth with which would be better. My mom hosted a New Years Eve party where my brother introduced me to one of his friends who had recently moved from Australia and had brought a buddy visiting to the party. After some convincing I decided Australia would be a perfect fit. My brothers friends mother (tongue twister, huh) contacted my now fiancé and asked him to show me around, check out the tourist sites and what not. Neither one of us wanted to meet up and kicked up a stink about the thought. Luckily Oliver, my fiancé, showed up and took me around Sydney for the day. As the sun set we went to visit the Opera House and I remember thinking “oh no, I think I love this man”. I found out later, as we sat at our favorite beach that he felt the same way. I moved to Australia a little over a year ago and he asked me to marry him this summer.

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how they asked

We have a beautiful apartment in Sydney Australia but with my visa expiring soon we had begun talk of what our future would hold. Marriage had been a conversation recently but we were busy planning a trip to visit my family in Utah. We went to visit my cabin in Island Park, Idaho with my family. We had just gotten back from dinner and I was changing out of my nice clothes and into some comfy ones when Oliver asked me to watch the sunset from the dock. It is a beautiful backdrop but the mosquitos were crazy that nights so I said yes but made sure to throw on some extra layers. We got to the dock and he was acting a little nervous, which was very out of character for him. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was fine but that the best time to see the sun was in 12 minutes and he was worried the loud teenagers on inner tubes wouldn’t be out of the way in time. I giggled because I didn’t think the rowdy kids would stop the sun from setting.The teens made their way down the river and the sun was just about to dip below the tree line. He told me to watch the sun as he stood up, he wanted to take a photo of me. I did as I was told but as soon as he walked behind me I heard the creak of a jewelry box. He told me I could turn aroundAs I turned around I saw my best friend on one knee asking me to be his wife. I jumped into his arms and said yes! I heard the screen door slam open as my mom ran out to hug us with my dad and brother and sister in tow. It was absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to marry the love of my life

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