Ciara and Phillip

How We Met

Phillip and I met in 2011 when they were both sophomores at neighboring high schools in Ohio. We remained friends through high school, but we lost touch after graduation, despite us both attending the same college. One day in September of 2017, Phillip was tweeting about a crush he had on a girl he worked with (which wasn’t me). After he followed up on his tweet, saying that he found out the girl had a boyfriend, I tweeted at him to let him know that I had been rooting for him. This struck up a conversation about old times and soon we were going on our first date!

Proposal Ideas Mapfre Stadium, Columbus, OH

How They Asked

If there’s one thing that people usually associate with Phillip and me, it’s Columbus Crew Soccer. As Season Ticket Members, we love going to games together and the stadium is like our second home. I had no idea just how special the stadium would become to me in the weeks leading up to August 17, 2019.

Phillip suggested that a big group of our friends accompany us to the game, including my two best friends (who are definitely not soccer people). I didn’t think much of it, just that it would be great to do a big tailgate all together! A few days before the game, a friend from the Crew reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in participating in a Season Ticket Member promotional video. It sounded like fun so I said, “Sure!”

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The day of the game, along with a few of our soccer friends, we were mic’ed up with a camera crew following us around for the day. They asked a bunch of questions about us and how we got into soccer. At the end of the game, they invited us down to the field for some more filming. Little did I know, that while we were posing for a photo, a two-stick banner was put up behind me that said, “Wil You Marry Me?” (A pun after my favorite player, Wil Trapp). I was completely surprised and so excited!

What I didn’t find out until later was that everyone but me and Phillip’s mics were fake, the entire promotional video was a ruse to get the end result of a beautiful proposal video. So, at the same place, we had our third date, I got to say “Yes!” to the man of my dreams. Talk about a game-winning goal kind of feeling!

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